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    Know your rights if you have received a parking notice.

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Codes of practice
Unacceptable reasons for not paying your ticket
Ticket machine was out of order
Ticket machines are checked every day, and there is more than one machine onsite
I bought a ticket but the attendant did not see it
The Terms & Conditions stipulate that the responsibility is on you to ensure that a valid ticket is clearly visible and displayed in the correct manner.
I have a disabled badge and parked within a disabled bay
You still have to purchase a vaild ticket.
There was no ticket attached to my car
The notice is put into a plastic bag with strong adhesive edges and stuck on to the windscreen, making it extreamely difficult to "fall off".
I have a vaild permit
Permits allow parking only within a clearly marked specific areas of the site, and must be properly displayed at all times When parked in this area.
I did not see any signs/signage/Terms & Conditions
Signs containing the relevant Terms & Conditions are located at every entrance and exit to the site.